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Messenger and Whatsapp apps on Galaxy Watch

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Hi. I got my Samsung Galaxy watch with LTE (esim) function on. So it means that anyone can call me and send sms to me even i have my phone somewhere faaar,far away. Everything works good, i tried to turn off bluetooth and WiFi on my phone and - all okay, i get calls and sms to my watch. BUT, as soon as i turn of bluetooth or wifi, i'm not receiving WA or FB messages. Girl in store told me to put aplications in my watch, but in app store there is no applictions like Whatsapp and FB. So that means, taht everytime that my phone and watch gets disconected, i cant receive messages. Mobile data is on on my watch.

They told me to just put apps in my watch, then everything will work.

How do i make it work? Does anybody has had the same problem?

AndrewL Moderator
@Baiba: Sadly I don't have access to an LTE Galaxy watch from my position, although if Whatsapp and Facebook are not available to download via the Watch apps tab in the Wearables app on your phone, then it looks like they don't have a standalone version. With this in mind you will need to be connected to your phone and have Whatsapp and Facebook notifications activated in order to see new messages on your watch. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.
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