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Lost new watch faces after reset of Gear fit 2

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I own a the gear fit 2 (not Pro version).


After Gear app latest upgrade I was able to use all new standard watch faces of Gear fit 2 Pro.


After reset of my unit those watch faces are not longer available. Where can I find those and reinstall them in my unit ?

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any idea ? 



How could I download 2 pro specific watch faces that have dissapeared  ?

AntS Moderator

Hi @nathlas. :robothappy:


On the connected phone, try Galaxy Apps > My apps > All > Gear, and let us know if your missing watch faces appear in there.


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No they aren't there too.


are those latest versions ? 


Samsung Gear app Info :


Gear Fit Plugin :



I repeat , I am missing preinstalled watch faces that came with Gearfit 2 pro update not some I downloaded.

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