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Last resort volume fix

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I've had mine for a few months, they've been losing volume constantly to the point they're pointless having on.

I completely got to my wits end and my closet Samsung center to have them repaired is 50miles away.

So I worked out it's the small metal disks blocking the sound and as I was at the point where I was going to just bin them as Samsung aren't any help.

I took a thin pointy tool to the edge of the disk and prised them off.

But! Success! They're massively louder and much clearer it's nuts, also I'm able to clean the channel much easier with care of course.


I think months of working out in them had blocked the ends, I kept mine as clean as possible but u can't clean under or in these metal disks.

Yes I know this is not going to be at all recommended by Samsung and extra care will be needed but for me there was no other option it was this or the bin.

But....... it works I just thought I'd share it for people in the same position where it's driving them mad.

I do not recommend doing this if youre not going to or dont take extra care of things by keeping dirt and dust from the speaker inside and genuinely being more careful.

The disks are intended to stop dirt getting inside and probably to make them quieter hence why they are louder now then when the was new.

So approach at your own risk!

Screenshot_20190713-124837_Gallery.jpgEnd result


Screenshot_20190713-122809_Gallery.jpgBlocked metal ends now removed


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