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Jumping rope workout on phone but not on watch

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Hello, the jumping rope workout is available on the s health app on the phone but not available in the list of workouts on the samsung galaxy watch active. Can this be added on the watch so that we can be able to start the workout directly on the watch and therefore track heart rate data.

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Yeah seriously, makes no sense to not have it in the watch... 

CarloL Moderator

Hey @Kaol, thanks for the feedback! I will make sure to pass this on to the developers team and should we have any news about this, it will be posted on any of the Samsung social news pages .

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Any news?
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Nope just one of those things that will never make any sense... It's ridiculous the exercises they do have and unbelievable they don't have jump rope... Ahhhhh
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Hi..any news? 

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