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Issue with samsung health

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I have the Galaxy Watch 42mm and ever since todays update my watch disappeared from samsung health and it only counts my phones steps or combined.

This is a huge issue for me cause the step and distance counts are extremely innacurate. Please fix ASAP!

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I have this issue too. Since the update I can only see steps from previous watch  (Gear S2) in S Health even though Galaxy Watch is connected to phone & syncing correctly. Choice of step data is showing as Phone, Gear S2 or both but not Galaxy Watch. Previously been working correctly all year.

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Seems like alot of us have this issue,I have paused the step count on Samsung health as I was getting double steps , I'm pretty angry as now I can not see on my phone what steps my watch says and then it wont sync with myfitnesspal and give me calories burnt,hope Samsung sort this asap  

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I have new band galaxy fit and steps are way off, it count way to many steps. Even when I sleep I do over 250 steps and when I woke up today I did max 400 steps, band shows 1000 .. my second Samsung product after galaxy phone and really disappointed with it.

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Hi all.


We asked our developers about the steps for the Galaxy Watch not appearing in Samsung Health since the update.


They've replied to us, and confirmed that since the update, step count is now combined across devices that support the 'All steps' view, in order to give a more convenient, seamless/continuous experience (rather than users needing to manually combine steps across current or newer devices they may get.)


Devices that are unable to support 'All steps' (e.g. Gear S2, Gear Fit, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fit e) display a device name and change a view type.


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Your developers must have totally misunderstood the problem. 


If I wear my gear s3 and have my phone in my pocket, every step I take counts twice. 


I don't want to combine my steps, I need them to either dedupe steps / activity or let me only choose one source. 

As another example, if I wear my Gear S3 and track an hour of cycling with my phone in my backpack, at the end if the journey apparently I've done 5,000 steps at the same time as doing a cycling workout.

It's completely broken now.
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