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Issue charging and connecting

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My galaxy buds have stopped working and the charging case will not charge wirelessly anymore, it keeps blinking red but the case is not any way hot or in a bad environment. 

I have tried connecting the case to a lead and charge it that way but the case stays with a red light. 

After even trying trying to connect buds to my phone (which they won't) the light outside the case stays red and stays on. 


After leaving them on charge for a very long time the charging light outside the craddle turned green.

The light ousitde the case started to flash green quickly and I was then able to connect my buds. 

However the craddle will not charge the buds as they keep appearing as 5% battery and die after aboout 20 secons of use. 

I have tried to leave the craddle plugged into a charger and it evenetually started blinking red and I noticed it was hotter than usual which was probably the casue of the red blinking this time unlinke as described at the begining of post.

Instead of the red light staying on outside the case it has now changed to a green light staying on outside the case.

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