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Is it just me, or does everything Samsung break?


I think I have just purchased my last Samsung product as I have had nothing but problems with every device I have owned. I am curious whether this is just me or if other people have had a similar experience. 

First product was not a purchase but I inherited my brothers 55inch plasma TV. Probably around about 5 years old and it suddenly stopped working. The red light will come on to show that it was powered but when you turned it on nothing will happen. Ended up in the dump.

First product I purchased was a Galaxy Note 2. New phone at the time. One day the reception would just randomly cut off and I was struggling to get any data. Eventually I could not make any calls or use the internet. Well within the warranty but because my screen had a small crack, Samsung used that as an excuse not to fix my phone, saying I had to fix the screen first then they'll fix the phone.

Should have gave up there but they were the only ones really making big phones at the time so I ended up getting the Note 3. That also developed a problem within 2 years as the SD card slot stopped working. 

I also had a tablet, Galaxy tab 2 I think, and from day one it never worked properly. Samsung had a feature where you would scroll to the left and you would have things like news updates, emails, could add your LinkedIn account and so on. Problem was the bloody thing would never update. It then developed an issue where it would just randomly turn off. Took it back to get it fixed then after a few weeks the problem came back. On top of this, it was not running the latest version of Android and no other updates were due. I am not the biggest fan of Apple but the fact my 3rd generation iPad is still receiving updates while my Note 3 and this tablet are not says something.

Got an S4 for my wife, again don't get the latest Android updates. Less than 3 years ago I purchased a 55inch TV (JU6800). Ignoring the fact that some of the apps did not work, a dark patch covering around a 3rd of the screen appeared. Most of the time it would go away but now it is a permanent feature. 

I also have a Gear S2 and again a recurring theme of news not updating but also the strap broke and I can't dislodge it from the device.

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Superuser I

I think it's fair to say you've had your fair share of negative experiences @NathanialEssex


Over time tech and hardware can fail.  :(


I've never owned a Samsung Tv so cannot comment. 


My Samsung Galaxy s7 edge screen needed replacing due to the known pink line issue. This took 4 days. 


I've had no issues with my Samsung Galaxy s8 phone. 


I've had no issues with my Samsung Tab A.  2016.


 I've had no issues with my Samsung Note 9 phone.


I've had no issues with my Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch. 

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B._ Samsung One Ui 2.0 / Android 10.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.
Samsung Galaxy Buds.
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wait until your device is 2 yrs old, evrything samsung starts to break. your watch battery will be very low, your phone will have some slowest software in the planet meanwhile people will still be using iPhone6, you would try to contact customer service and they will give you some ramdom excuse. Not an iPhone fan but i think people buy samsung just to not buy apple porduct. Samsung will not even be a brand without apple. They are just scamming us loyal user in the name of apple. And it working really well from then.


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