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IconX 2018 keeps pausing music


My gear iconx 2018 keeps randomly pausing. It makes the sound that the earbuds make when you take them out of your ear when they are still in my ear. This happens all the time when im cycling or when im walking and i take them out of my ear all the time and put them back in but that doesn't really change anything. I have tried resetting them, putting different wingtips on them and different normal tips and I i have tried plaing them in my ears differently but nothing works. I think the proximity sensor might be faulty or something because they are not loose in my ears and this started happening recently i didn't have any problems 4 months ago.


Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?




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Did you get any help on this? I am having the same problem.

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I'm having the same problem.


My right earbud gave up first, it simply wouldn't recognize that it was in my right ear. However it still connected to the left earbud and played music as usual, I just can't use the touchpad on the right earbud for anything.


Now the left earbud is starting to think it's not in my ear when it is....and this causes both earbuds to pause.


The earbuds were purchased Feb 2019, so still less than 3 months old...




@AlexS89 No they basically said that i need to clean the earbud properly and that if it still happens i need to go to a samsung repair place so they can look at it.


It still happens :(


@timjim Jup its quite stupid and they dont really seem to care.

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Hi, the prox sensor is two sensitive.

Once the earpod moves in your ear the device pauses, What I have done to resolve this issue is to Get a small sticker or black insulation tape and place it over the prox sensor of each pod.

This will fix this problem.

The pods will switch off when placed in to the charger case.

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hello has this method work for you i am having the same issues


Well doing this means that you cant use your touchpad so i dont do it but yeah it works

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Thank you for posting this.  It's a pity we have to reduce its functionality just to get it to work normally.  But I'll try it also, because otherwise I just can't use them anymore.  I also have the Galaxy Buds, and this hasn't happened with them, after three months so far.  My iconX earbuds are about a year old - the same age when my S3 Tab needed a new motherboard.  And my Tab 10.1.  And my Note 8 needed a new motherboard after a week (pre-order unit).  Hmm, I'm starting to see a pattern.

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