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How to connect watch active 2 to 4g

I just called Vodafone while in traffic and spoke to the assistant who now said one number is now £7.70. I told her hell no that is not what I was told or your website So I pointed her to their website and she said she will get back to me between 3-5 working days. I said no way I will wait you go on your website and tell me how much it says. She now said she will refund £0.70 and I be paying £7 as promised. She said that their website failed to update a few days ago so it will be updated soon to show the new price.
So call them and secure you £7 before they change it.

You in a Active 2 lte/4g, as Vodafone don't support this watch?


Samsung’s customer support is a liability to Samsung, even their flag store in Oxford St London the staff know near zero about the products, & even less about support.., it’s not normal that a business can get away with this type of attitude & services…., my personal assistant is talking to consumer rights/protection agencies & will tell me tomorrow the best cause of action, I will inform you when I have all the details…., they have messed so many people around & waste so many yours of individuals time, I won’t allow this to continue,  I will have a customer rights agency approached them, but possibly they so use to it they can’t be bothered either…., to add injury to insult, this Samsung forum now spams me 10 emails a day, but they don’t read their own forum, this company re customers service is beyond clueless


You have rghts as a consumer against this type service thats also wasted hours of your time, false information, bad service, fauty product, etc

I did the iPhone work around, which works.

But its not great that a Samsung phone can't connect your Samsung watch to 4G when an iPhone can....

@Favkb24 wrote:

Ok people there is light at the end of the tunnel. Things are working for me. I had to put on my QA hat  to solve this. 


This is the solution for anyone having "mobile network isn't available in your region" issue


1. Make sure vodafone activate your one number and you can see the qr code on the website.  or just do it yourself. If your like me I had to get them to cancel my subscription then do it myself through the website


2. Borrow an iphone or if you have one great slot your sim card in restart it and make sure you can make calls and text


3. Download  the wearable app from appstore 


4. Pair your watch and follow the the setup instruction 


5. Test it out that every things works away from your phone


6.  Unpair the watch and select to forget the bluetooth 


7. Reset the watch  and it will completely die so you have to force reboot by pressing for a long time on the power button and let go it will come one

 It will ask you to select vodafone network so select contract if your on your contract 


8. Pair the watch to your android phone and follow instruction. You will still get the region error just skip the screen and complete setup.


9. After a few minutes 2 or 5 select mobile data on the wearable app you will see vodafone


Your watch will initial show connected via bluetooth. Go to connections on the watch and select networks and choose always on and make sure mobile data is on.


Disconnect bluetooth and it will pick vodafone and just work.


Goodluck and I hope it works for everyone. It seems Vodafone and samsung has compatibility issue

You are a genius, thank you! Finally got my hands on an iPhone this evening and I now have a fully functioning watch!


It's an absolute farce that you can only get it to work using a competitors phone, Samsung should be hanging its head in shame. 


I do have a question, I've got an update to install have you done any updates and still have the 4G connection? I do not to mess it up as I'll not be able to use another iPhone till Christmas! 

Yes, I did the upgrade to the wearable apps and it did not mess up anything.
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The iPhone switch trick worked a charm. Thank you. 4g fully activated and working with Vodafone One Number.


Crazy you have to use an Apple device and not Samsungs own.


So is the watch just a stand alone 4g watch when connected with an iphone and then back to android or does it work properly with android. 

Once you connect it using iPhone and then back to android it just works as a standalone 4g when your not with your phone
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