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How to connect watch active 2 to 4g


I just spoke with vodafone and they said they definitely support the watch.  I should continue to wait till tomorrow where they will fix the issue. 


From samsung. Apparently they dont even look at online forum


Thank you for getting in touch with us. We appreciate you reaching out to us regarding this matter. I understand that you were unable to connect your Watch Active 2 to your mobile network. We work closely with our network partners to enable the use of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 4G. An e-SIM is required to enable the stand alone functionalities of your watch and this can only be activated by the same network carrier on your phone. We highly suggest to discuss this directly with them.


Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.


If you require additional support, please contact us on 0333 000 0333 (UK) or 0818 717 100 (EIRE), or respond to this email and we will be more than happy to help. 


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EE telling us 'speak to Samsung', Samsung telling us 'speak to your network carrier'.
What an interesting situation? No one takes liability.
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I have spoke to Vodafone who require the E I D number which is a long series of numbers (32 to be exact) which if given incorrectly will cause issues and further delays maybe if you guys can check with Vodafone regarding this to make sure it is correct, the E I D number can be found in the wearables app under about device and then device again. 


I have done this with Vodafone a few times. The number has been correct on all occasions and they have attempted the "e-sim swap" twice.


Have you managed to get the watch working with Vodafone?


I have done the same with vodafone 5 times and one tech support said the eid was incorrectly entered on the 3rd attempt so he tried a sim swap and it has not been working. I just spoke with a nice tech guy and he told me that the open form was having issue so whatever they raised kept coming back and therefore continue staying as opened. He said they have now fixed the issue with open order form and he has just reissue the request and hopefully it will be sorted in 24hours. 


Try calling them again to put the order through. I will keep everyone posted on progress.


Ok so after another hour on the phone to them they have disabled, reactivated the onenumber service etc and put the EID in again which can take upto 24 hours, but they think it will only be a couple.


Fingers crossed.

Will let everyone know.


If Vodafone can take an effort, why not EE? 
Absolutely no progress with EE at all yet.  


I have been with EE before and their customer service is the worst and once in a while, you get lucky to speak to someone nice who is willing to help. I think you have to keep trying and hopefully, you will get a nice tech support. Also, do not explain that you have tried before just pretend its the first time you are calling and ask to activate the service for your smartwatch.  This is like a 5mins job.  It's just unfortunate with Vodafone because the first time around they did activate the line and I could see the QR Code but couldn't connect my watch to it due to wrong EID number that the support person put through that is according to the tech engineer.  mind you this could all be a lie.

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Maybe a resolution for some....


I have had the same 4G connection issue with my active 2 watch. Been on the phone to samsung and vodafone for the last 3 days with no luck.


Finally got through to someone at Samsung who knew what the issue was... I advise you all check the back of your samsung watch box... if it says R-NZ.. its likely you were sent the New Zealand version!! This is exactly what happened to me and now I have a replacement order with Samsung for the correct UK version! 


Save yourself some time and hassel .... CHECK YOUR BOX and thank me later 

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