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How to connect watch active 2 to 4g


Me too, unable to connect my watch active 2 to mobile network Virgin... :( Tomorrow will ask why...


Sorry to say it, but I don't think Virgin support the watch?


Virgin does not offer esim. Also Vodafone provide virgin services I think. 


It's only vodafone or EE that offers esim.

It will be nice to know if the watch works for anyone on EE.


I am unable to connect my new Watch Active 2 with my EE account.

I have spoken with EE and they said that they provide no support for any Samsung device that has not been purchased from their sales directly, not even if the device is purchased directly from the manufacturer. They even gave me this in writing via email. So, currently, the only way to have an Active 2 with 4G on EE is to buy it direct from them.


I think that this is very unfair and discriminative. Samsung is selling 4G variants in their own UK website. What is the point if there is no support by the UK carriers?

I have let Samsung know through chat support in the members app and they have told me that they have escalated this issue now, after I provided my details.


I hate EE their customer service is the worst among the mobile network which is why I choose Vodafone. Vodafone has asked me to give them till Tuesday to investigate the issue so I will wait till. Will update everyone 


I have the same problem and have been running up and down from EE to Samsung many times for the last 4 days! 
EE says it is samsung issue Samsung says it is EE issue. 
At last, EE said they don't have the licence to activate the new Active 2 watches "bought from Samsung" directly. 
I got back to samsung with this information and they kindly asked me send the watch back. They find it impossible to talk to EE.
Hours and hours of phone calls became just a waste of time. 
Be warned that it is not possible to activate the 4G with any network if the watch is not bought from the service provider. ( As far as I have found out.)


The only way this makes sense is that Samsung is selling us wrong region watch. Thanks for the update.


Im waiting for a replacement watch, although doesnt sound as if will do any good! Also spoke with Vodafone to escalate the problem with them, was also told that my OneNumber wasnt set up properly, again not covinced will make any difference. Spoke to Samsung tech support who said theyve only really noticed this problem with Vodafone, but are aware of customers with LTE actually working, not sure what networks.


Anyone managed to get 4g setup yet with a replacement or via troubleshooting with Vodafone

Vodafone have told me that they don't support this model...
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