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Horrible unhelpful customer services

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About a month ago i was bout a new 42mm samsung watch for my birthday, since then my wrist has broken out in a painful itchy rash, after contacting samsung 3 times the only opyltions i was given was a refund for the watch or me to buybout of my own pocket a new strap; then to wait at least 7 days on a refund of said strap, i asked samsung if they could not send me a replacement strap; the softer rubber hybrid strap, even a voucher to go online and purchase said strap, they couldnt supply a strap, and a voucher can take up to 14 days to arrive via email; after 300 quid on a new watch which i love; i shouldnt have to spend out of my own pocket for a new strap, im out of work at the minute and cat afford to go out and buy a new strap; the level of customer services i have recieved since sending photos of my wrist and numerous phone calls ive yo now wait for yet another managers call back for it to fall on deaf ears as well; im angry my fiance is quite upset she blames herself; and samsung will not lift a finger to help; after being avery loyal customer of samsung im really quite shocked and annoyed that theres no way apparently for samsung to replalce the strap; 

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Your not alone with this issue which is affecting some people @Steve42 


This long running thread with advice from Ant may help > Galaxy-watch-rash.


It's true that changing the stap may help.


I appreciate the generic Samsung straps can be pricey.


If this was me I'd ask them to send the voucher and await for it to come thru and leave the watch off u til then or look at the cheaper options on Ebay to use in the interim.



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