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Horrible blisters/rash from Gear S3 watch

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I've had the Gear S3 Classic since launch, and I wear it every day. I only take it off to shower or charge.


Recently, I developed an irritation on my wrist under the edge of the watch body. It developed into blisters and then to a dry itchy rash. I kept the watch off for a couple of weeks until it healed, and then began wearing the watch again. The blisters/rash once again developed. I tried putting a large patch bandaid on the rash, but that didn't help. I just switched to my other wrist to see if the rash develops there too. 

Is my watch defective? Anyone else experiencing something this extreme?



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Hi @anjusino. Doesn't look good. :( Have you contacted your local Samsung Support or your doctor about this?


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Superuser I

I had similar issue, then I changed the band from a rubber one to leather and now I'm OK.

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Hi, I've recently experienced the same skin irritation.  At first I thought it was a blister. Then my skin started to peel, more like rub off.  I didn't wear my watch for several days and it appeared to heal. I thought "good" and put my watch back on.  After a few days the rash ... peeling ... skin rubbing off appeared again.  

   Anyone else having this reaction? 

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