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Hey Samsung!!!


Galaxy Watch 46 mm and Samsung Health...


I've several complaints about this watch but let me, for now, address just only one, the step counter.


Let's try and ignore for a few seconds all the marketing and hype Samsung has done about this watch as far as fitness tracking is concerned (and there was A LOT of it... ), i.e., auto detect this and that, tracks a gazillion different exercises, you can now leave your phone at home, etc., etc., etc.


Samsung Health allows that I (exclusively for my galaxy phone) "Pause counting steps" but it does NOT allow the same for my watch!! So, when I go for a 4 and a half hours of MTB riding I get 12000 steps or if I spend 20 minutes on the Elliptical trainer I get 3000 steps!! Come on! This is ridiculous!! Who designs, tests and then approves these features?!!?


I don't have the auto-detection feature enabled for any activity. I manually start all the activities I do, so if I'm cycling why, oh why, does the watch still count steps?! But even worse, why can't I control this with say, a Pause option just like it is available for my phone?!


And when I do want it to count my steps it counts around 15 to 20% less than the watch (which on several tests I've done is WAY closer to the real value).


Come on Samsung!! This is pretty basic and obvious stuff!! 

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