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Heart rate tracking update


I have been having major trouble with the heartrate tracking on my galaxy watch. I have been using the Workout Trainer app which tracks heartrate perfectly from my watch. Surely that's a software issue. If it was a hardware issue then the watch would be unable to track heartrate during a Workout Trainer workout. Samsung need to talk to the makers of Workout Trainer and find out what software it uses to track heartrate. Also it would be great to get the heartrate graph on S Health when the workout syncs from Workout Trainer. Samsung you really need to fix this issue.

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I like your logical thinking, @Rach77 


Are you able to do a fair comparison test of the heart rate tracking between the two softwares/apps, and post what you did, and your results? (Either just the results or by screenshots - just be wary of not posting any other personal info if you're doing that though.)


(If you're able to, might also be worth sending of the results of the testing/screenshots, along with associated log files via the Members app.


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I am noticing that a few of these messages regarding issues with the watch are a few months older however I have had my Frontier watch for about 6 months now and it has just started to show these signs within the last few weeks. I noticed in the beginning that the calorie count was off compared to previous watches I owned but didn't think much of it. I just thought maybe this watch was reading it more accurately and I really wasn't burning that much,  but over time I realized I was wrong. Even with intense hour long work outs its still barely registering 200 calories burned when other people show 500+ on theirs. In the last few weeks the HR monitor has stopped working also. In the middle of my workout it will stop reading. I tried wiping it off thinking it might be from the sweat, which seems to help sometimes but its far too often that it happens now. I'm hoping if Samsung won't fix or replace I can just return this.

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