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Heart rate monitor issues with Gear fit 2 pro

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For me it tracks too high heart rate during my workout. Plus 200 when normally it is 150.

Over priced!  device it is not for active user. It is more like activity tracker than sport tracker.

I suggest buy Polar. It is cheaper and more much more reliable. 




I get the same issue on my gear sport.

Heart rate doesn't work most of the time.

Go cycling and it seems to work until i stop and it auto pauses. From then on I hardly have any heart rate data. It's a bit random. Turning continuous heart rate mode on before the excercise sorts it sometimes. Using the watch with a S8 plus. Tried factory resetting both and the issue persists. This is definitely a software problem.

My friend has the gear s3 and exact same issue on that. I may be wrong but I don't believe there is any log facility on the watch to send into Samsung.


Samsung - how exactly can we get your software development team to look into this issue?

There are multiple posts in both the EU and US across multiple devices about the same problem.

We need answers.Screenshot_20180518-012255_Samsung Health.jpg



Been having the same issues for over a while now.
Worked fine out of the box, but after a first update the monitoring flatlined.
The latest update doesn't seem to change a lot.




Hi all,

We've managed to get Samsung to escalate this issue to the software development team in this thread here:


Just awaiting an update on it


Hi guys - it seems I have managed to seemingly resolve this issue by resetting the device through the settings menu - it's a little bit of a pain because you lose all your apps and songs on Spotify but the heart rate functionality has gone back to normal (for now anyway).


Hi L1ng,

That is a temporary fix and does not resolve the issue. The problem will come back to be sure.

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The problem that I am having with the heart rate monitor is that at rest it never seems to go below 124 bpm. With my previous fitness tracker, I was usually around 65 to 70 bpm. Any suggestions on how to correct?

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Reading through this thread it sounds very clear that Samsung aren’t going to fix this issue. It’s even more worrying that there software quality standards didn’t catch such an obvious bug in a fitness tracking product. I bought two Gear fit 2 pro’s at the weekend, they both exhibit the same problem. When set to Auto HR after 10 mins walking or running they stop measuring HR. They’re going back for a refund this weekend as faulty / not fit for purpose.

took a risk going with Samsung, won’t do it again.


using with iphoneX 

Apple Watch is my next stop

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I highly recommend to check out Polar. I had before Samsung Gear fit 2 pro and it did great job. Very accurate HR .I thought i made upgrade when change to Samsung but no. Gear fit 2 pro is just expensive activity tracker but not for sport.



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Not impressed with device. Gim hartrate show 155 to 160 and Gearfit stay round 98.

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