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Heart rate monitor issues with Gear fit 2 pro


I've been experiencing some issues with my gear fit 2 pro heart rate during exercices, especially inconsistency in heart rate monitor during "other workout". With gear fit 2 I had no problems, but since I upgraded, I haven't had a clear reading and I've been using my gear fit 2 pro for more than a month now.

For exemple (using Samsung health app), with gear fit 2 I would get peaks of 200 or more during exercice and now the peak I get is around 180. Also, during workout, sometimes the band vibrates as if not able to measure heart rate.  I also get a flat line  at 180, for exemple, of two or more minutes in the workout graph which I think is should not happen.

When I use the UA record app to record my session, my heart rate graph has some grey zones (as if not able to measure heart rate) and I also feel  band vibrat on my wrist. Someone with the same issues?!  Smiley Sad




I have the same problem.. The devise measures my heart rate fine when I am at rest, but i jump on my bike, it will stop measuring after about 10mins.

I get a flat line and the heart rate is stalled at the last reading. Very frustrating. The work out reading/summary is pointless with that flat line. I hope they can fix it soon with a firmware upgrade or something. 

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I have the same issue, especially in Other workout. The heart rate is never shown above 130 bpm. It showed an avg of 95 bpm for a 13 minute high intesity cardio. Very disappoointed. :(

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me too


I'm having the same issue. It used to measure my heart rate perfectly, but now I get flat lines after a few minutes.

Automatic updates are enabled so I'm not sure whether or not an update was installed between the 26th of March and the 3th of April.

Model: Gear Fit2 Pro SM-R365

Current software-version: R365XXU2BRB1



Adding to the "Same here" brigade

This has ruined my S Health data now thanks

Doctor will think im supoed to be dead

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Same with me. Purchased in early March, and consistently shows a flatline for a good portion of my workouts recorded from the device. Very frustrating.


Today there was new software uptade. It stated it would fix some problems with heart rate frequency during workout. Let us see if this will fix these issues🤔


I wish it did. Updated yesterday and got excited about the mentioned fix. Unfortunately the heart rate sensor still gave a flat line for most of my workout today:






😥😥😥 sorry to hear that.  As soon as possible I will test it too.😭😭😭

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