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Heart rate monitor issues with Gear fit 2 pro


Hi Henhen,


Unfortunately not. The mods have passed to the dev team but all I ever get from the mods is that they have 'chased' this and there is no update.

This problem has been ongoing for over 8 months now and Samsung can't provide any update. This will be the last Samsung device I purchase.


I didn't even get sand. 

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I had success by tighting the strap. Now my readings are fine. I hope you get your issue solved


Already tried that and did not work for me :(

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I too am having problems getting a consistently reliable BPM recording on my Fit2Pro. It doesn't seem to matter whether it is worn inside or outside of the wrist nor which wrist it is on (L or R). 

Samsung Gear app

Gear Fit plugin


Any suggestions?

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Always on Pulse readings freezes during exersice , I returned the watch but the new one is doing the same thing. I called Samsung but they said they were not aware of a problem. 


I have explained in my previous post this is a problem with the software not hardware so simply swapping the device will not fix the issue.


The problem is with the Samsung health app on the watch.


Whenever anyone contacts Samsung about this problem they say they are not aware of it even though in another post the problem has been passed to the software development team.


Still no update on that by the way.

Follow the progress with the problem in this thread:


I would urge everyone that has the problem to post into that thread asking the mods for an update. The more people report the problem the more likely we are for a fix.

I can't get any heart rate monitoring and also my gearfit2 is not counting steps and floor. It all started in January, only 2-3 months after I bought it and still nothing.
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Me too Have the same problem. Hope it will be fixed soon by samsung.

@anarita-ribeiro wrote:

I've been experiencing some issues with my gear fit 2 pro heart rate during exercices, especially inconsistency in heart rate monitor during "other workout". With gear fit 2 I had no problems, but since I upgraded, I haven't had a clear reading and I've been using my gear fit 2 pro for more than a month now.

For exemple (using Samsung health app), with gear fit 2 I would get peaks of 200 or more during exercice and now the peak I get is around 180. Also, during workout, sometimes the band vibrates as if not able to measure heart rate.  I also get a flat line  at 180, for exemple, of two or more minutes in the workout graph which I think is should not happen.

When I use the UA record app to record my session, my heart rate graph has some grey zones (as if not able to measure heart rate) and I also feel  band vibrat on my wrist. Someone with the same issues?!  Smiley Sad





Just to let you know, guys, that this weekend I tested the new Galaxy Watch and still had the same annoying experience with flat lines and not measuring heart rate warnings during workouts.... :(

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