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Heart rate monitor issues with Gear fit 2 pro


Unfortunately, it didn't. I did the update but I still get the same HR drop outs. 

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i purchased a gear fit 2 pro last march 24 because my gf2 got lcd problem ( it was already refunded by the seller where i purchased it).


now after 1 month of perfect use of the gear fit 2 pro i suddenly get notification to update the firmware. i did click the FW update just today (25April) and all the sensors are no longer working after the FW update. really bad to know that the FW ruin my watch. i tried to factory reset but still it wont work...


common issue and samsung need to address. the product is really good and i believe they should fix it soon.


After the update mine only tracks HR when I'm not working out. As soon as I start a workout HR stops tracking so it shows I ran 4 miles and burned 79 calories and no heart rate. Need this fixed or moving to something other than samsung


I am now getting the same issue - I am hopefully that Samsung will address this fairly soon with another software update.

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Same issue here.


It stops working after app. 10 mins ... then I might get a reading after 30 mins or so ... but then it stops again =(


This is not ok !



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Ditto. Hope it gets resolved soon

This morning my at rest HR was 180's after checking several times. Go running and it would peak at 120 so I'm guessing I'll burn more calories at rest? Haha this thing isn't very reliable 

Any chance Samsung can reply to these problems?
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This is exactly what happened to me. Loved my gear but after the last update its been malfuntioning. It tracks my sports workouts for a couple of hours yet it gets stuck at 82 calories AND it depletes my battery so much faster now.


Another workout with this ***** watch! Measured my HR before I started to ensure it was working. Step out the door for a 4 mile run and it didn't measure any HR until I came back in and sat down.  During the run it shows I had no HR. This thing is junk. On top of that the GPS is very inaccurate too. Run the same path every day and calculates 3.85, 4.1, 4.3 and 2 miles on one occasion. Horrible product. I'd return it if I could 

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