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OK, i see this topic allrerady exist but it says it is solved and i still have unanswered questions. So i bought Samsung Galaxy Watch and i like it, only thing that is dissapointing is that it doesent support google pay. I dont know does Samsung employees read this posts or answer them, but if they do, can i please have honest answer will glaxy watch ever and if so when support google pay? As i read online, im not the only one interested in this, so it would be a big plus for samsung watches to get this option.

Thank you

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Wickey  As the watch runs on Tizen and not Android, I personally can't see it happening UNLESS Google decide to make the app available for it (it is ultimately down to them). 

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Thanks for the answer, and what about S Pay in Croatia? Can we expect that anytime soon?

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