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Google Pay - Samsung Watch (Ireland)

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I know there's multiple threads about this already but would like to create another one trying to grab Samsung's attention to this issue that's bugging many customers. 


Please release the use of Google Pay into Samsung Watches. There's no payment solution as Samsung Pay doesn't work in here. This is a lack of respect with customers from Ireland and all countries that payment solutions are not supported.

AndrewL Moderator
@marcelocanha: Thank you for your feedback. We don't currently have any news to share about the prospect of Google Pay being made available for our smart watch range. I understand that it's not ideal, and apologise for any disappointment this has caused you.
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Next watch will proably not be a Samsung watch, due to this! Samsung Pay is not implemented in Denmark. 


Samsung watch = no payment options.

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Same for me, my friend

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Disappointment for me and ALL Samsung customers in all countries where neither Samsung Pay or Google Pay are accepted by Galaxy Watch users.
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