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Gear sport Battery draining at night


It's really a joke. It's a bloody expensive watch. 

I had loads of issues with my fitbit with tracker/phone connectivity so after 2 years I plumped for a Samsung watch as I have a Samsung phone. 

I would never buy another. It will be Garmin next time. When I can finally afford to change it. 

I wouldn't sell it. It wouldn't be fair. It's a pile of poo  

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I'm from Brazil, and I'm having this annoying issue all day long. 

Two partial charges until now. 


Now I'm with him on my wrist, for about 5 hours, in airplane mode.

Everything's fine.

Battery's good. 

And the Gear Sport becomes just a regular and expensive wristwatch. 

Just awesome.


A smartwatch not too smart at all.

What a shame, Samsung.

What a shame.

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My sister and I have been having the same issue!


Great I think it's a software issue they wanted me to send mine and it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks I am deaf and I use my gear sport for communication they won't send me another one while they check mine so I'm at the post to the pillar I will be following your answers thank you

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I am having the same issue with my battery, I normally charge it at night and it will be at 100% by lunch time it will have drained to 30% battery life. I spoke to customer support and their suggestion was to have it mailed out and have it serviced.


If anyone bought their watch from the online Costco store, I just went back and returned it even tho it was after 90 days (a little over 120 days).  Might as well return it and go get the new galaxy watch. I'm sure its better built + has a 7 day battery life. 


If anyone bought theirs at Costco, I got to return it even tho it was after 90 days. (120 day). Might as well go get the new Samsung galaxy watch (7 days of battery + better watch)

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I'm having the same issue, and so is my roommate. If this persists, as far as I'm concerned, this watch is useless. It's difficult to accept that Samsung is allowing this to continue. A hard factory reset or a reboot only temporarily solves the problem for the day. As soon as night time comes around, I wake up with no battery or if I leave it on the charger, it starts to die very rapidly.


I am super annoyed. I use this watch for everything. These type of things make you question using any Samsung  products at all. 

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Yes!  This started happening to me three nights ago.  I charge my watch before bed so it is never below 98%.  My alarm, went off at 4:00am and I worked out for 45 minutes (I used other workout for tracking).  I didn't notice the battery percentage until my watch buzzed to tell me it was low...15%.  I turned it off to charge it and it took forever to charge.  It worked fine all day and I charged it before bed again Monday night.  The exact same thing happened Tuesday morning and again today.  It lasts all day long, but something is going on at night.  I have now set my phone as a backup alarm because I am afraid the watch is going to die completely and the alarm won't go off.  I LOVE my watch so this is incredibly frustrating.  

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exactly same issue here... started three days (or so ago). the watch works fine during the day, but dies quickly overnight.

Not sure what the problem is!

This is very frustrating

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