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Gear sport Battery draining at night


@ProphetUK Hey, sorry for the long silence. I followed your steps but without success. I sent in my Gear S3 for repair under warranty and I guess it will be a while before I hear back from them with the pre-holiday madness. I'll post an update here about what they'll find and how I'll continue.


@ProphetUK Update: My Gear S3 is back from repair and works like it should again.


I have Bluetooth and WiFi active, constant heart rate monitoring and everything else like I was using it before. The battery lasts 3 days. My Gear App says there is an update for the Gear S3, but I won't install it since that was how all the problems started.


Unfortunately, I don't know what exactly they did to my watch during repair. Their response just states that they could reproduce the described problem and they fixed it.  But they did exchange the back panel. The battery was not under warranty anymore, so I don't know if they just exchanged it anyway or if the problem was somewhere else. I'll contact them to get more details, but I don't think they'll provide it.


I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and good health

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Glad to hear that it worked!

Hello all,


Just to provide you with an update I am now back to 1/2 a day..☹️😭this was caused by yet another two updates from Samsung to the Galaxy S8 (two in 1 week). I can only guess there was an issue with the previous update and then the second update rolled out 1 week later was to repair whatever damage the 1st update caused.


I have yet to try the steps previously posted due to the holidays but I will keep you updated. Anyone else seen similar issues? @Sentry Glad you got your Wear back can you indicate what day ranges you are getting?


Will feedback results after holiday.



@ProphetUK I thought I did: 3 days with normal usage, including constant heart rate monitoring, WiFi and Bluetooth


Sorry to hear that your issues resurfaced. Good luck!


Guys, i found a solution. Been using for like 1 month, no issues.


Go to Notification settings on your phone, enable all the notification, viola!


are you serious? XD


Do not do this, disable all notifications choose only the ones that are  absolutely necessary, I have phone and messages  only and I have been getting good battery life since I disabled notifying Samsung of everything. Please do not do as this suggests. 

Was just about to say the same thing. I did a reset last weekend now up to two days. It seems the way to fix drain is to re-install Wear app after major update. I also have been disabling notifications for upto 3 hours on the gear before I go off and noticed it never drained as much but it is a pain to have to remember all of the time.
Guys i have updated my gear sport to tizen, changing csc from ITV to X A R (usa), because here in italy the update isn't still coming.
However.. i have also reverted to itv after the updated and all went well, but now i have a problem with battery.
During nights after update i have lost more then 20% per night. I use it with aereo mode and do not disturb enabled, so it's absourd this consumption.
Before, with tizen 3, i lost barely 6-7% in a night.

Any suggestions?
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