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Gear sport Battery draining at night

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Update :

Yesterday I disabled the diagnostic feature and went to sleep with 95% battery. Its still at 90% now. So this feature may actually be the problem. 


Seems turning off setup/ about gear/ reporting usage diagnostics worked for me too.


***singing halleluja***


12% drain over 12 hours, which I think is good... Any official announcement by Samsung about it?

Screenshot_20181019-062830_Gear S Plugin.jpg



Disable "reporting usage diagnostics" workaround worked for me too.

Though I hope Samsung resolve this problem soon.

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I have exactly the same issue. Would try the fix recommended by Samsung and confirm tomorrow. 


Me too, I'm still at 85%. So the temp fix solves the problem till Samsung pushes out an update fix.


Mine is all fine this morning. Let's keep everything crossed 

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For me worked too and for sure i have downloaded and installed newest version of gear s plugin from (unreleased on google play store) and look of galaxy wearable app was changed lot.


I thought I did something wrong.. battery drains in a couple of hours since 2 days. Removed unused apps but still the same. This morning woke up after charging all night so 100%. Now, one hour later 93% !! 

Disabled diagnostic. Hope this helps. Will keep you posted.


Yay! Turned off diagnostics and used 5% battery overnight instead of 100%. Why haven't Samsung clearly announced this to everyone contacting them about the problem? Surely they must be seeing something with the diagnostic reports they are getting from people's watches? Has the system been hacked and they don't want to admit it? It seems something strange going on with Samsung.


I have put the diagnostics solution on Twitter and have also sent Samsung help UK via Twitter a message asking them to let people know. 

Hopefully they might 🤷🏻‍♀️

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