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Gear sport Battery draining at night

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I have the same problem. It started a few days ago.

@MikeWaves wrote:

All - here is the response that i just received via US Customer Service via twitter:

To increase the battery life on the Gear after the update please follow the steps below ↓ •On the Gear tap on setting; •Tap on Gear info. •Tap Report diagnostic and usage info (Disable this feature) Test the watch for a few days to see how the battery works.

Cool, will try that! Thanks a lot!

Fingers crossed. Actually looking forward to going to bed 😄😃🤣

How do you do the backup? I can find where you can do a restore but I can't find where to do just the backup?

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It would be on your phone in the samsung wearables app. There will be an option to back up gear


Found it. It is under About Gear. I will give it a try as my husband and I both have the Gear Sport and this is very frustrating!

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One more reporting in. My watch have been draining overnight the last 2-3 nights. 


I reset and DIDNT update any apps or software.... so far so good..... only installed a Watchface..... seems to be back to good for last 4 hours.... so one of the apps is faulty.... I may try and install one by one to see which one.... latest one is the weather app? could it be problem

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Just reporting in to say that I have also been having this problem, starting earlier this week. very frustrating as the battery life is one thing that I praised to my friends and co-workers as one of the more impressive things about the product


I just sent this to PC Magazine ~ turning over all the leaves I can ~ 


Hi Im turning to you again ,  the  Samsung Gear Sport watch has had over 175   comments  in the  Samsung  site       regarding  battery drainage over the last week~ it appears to be a software issue as it strarted after the last update ~~  numerous  calls , =Smart Tutor intervention and  tech  support have done  nothing ~~ no problems found ~~   it is ongoing and  draining  from 100% at 4:30 am to  43 %  by 7:30 am.  CAn you read some of these comments ???  we need help ~ Samsung  says  send it to them,  but  that will leave us  with  no watch and for myself, I a am deaf and need this on my wrist for communication and alerts , not on the charger ~~  .  I have had this 9 months. it is  under warranty  but  again I'll have no  watch.      I wonder if they were  hacked ~since the battery drain seems to be  "synchronized "  the  ~ the Wearable Gear software, or S Health ~( I will uninstall and reinstalled that this afternoon~~ and not allow it to "update'  if that's  possible ~~  Have a great day ~ 

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