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Gear sport Battery draining at night


Thanks, that was the 1st thing I did, not to mention I also lost some of my watch faces in the process as the backup failed (but never told me) I only noticed on the restore. So just to advise what I have completed.


Full factory reset.

Full powerdown (1day) 

Full charge

Disabled always on

Disabled Reporting 

Minimal watch face

Brightness reduced to 3

No auto dectect (health)

No Wake-up gesture

Still only getting 24hrs at best

Did you try disabling sleep tracking notifications from the Galaxy wearable app on your phone? That's the only thing I did.
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I had this issue for a few nights in a row, seemingly out of nowhere.  No new apps or major shift in usage.  What fixed it for me was just not wearing it one night.  I left it on my nightstand (not charging), and when i woke up in the morning, it had only discharged about 2% and I haven't had any issues since.  I'm sure it was some weird coincidence, but thought I'd share my experience anyway.  I haven't had any SW updates recently, so unless Samsung silently pushed out a fix, I don't think it was something they did.


Anyone managed to get a response from Samsung about when this will be fixed?


The only thing that I did was disable the 'Report diagnostics' on the watch.


This was the final test that I did after doing many resets, and app installation tests. I have since been able to keep my watch back to normal charge.


Not heard of a fix from Samsung though.

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I have the Gear S3 Frontier and am having the same issue!


Also, without installing any apps at all, zero pictures, zero songs; I randomly just ran out of memory. This was after doing a factory reset about 2 weeks ago too.


SAMSUNG, PLEASE FIX ASAP! My watch is essentially useless now!

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I don't think so. I just did a factory reset not too long ago and it fixed nothing. For me Samsung Health is the battery killer, notifications is second.


To anyone still having this battery drain at night issue,please try this very simple fix. 

To increase the battery life on the Gear after the update please follow the steps below ↓ •On the Gear tap on setting; •Tap on Gear info. •Tap Report diagnostic and usage info (Disable this feature) Test the watch for a few days to see how the battery works.


This worked but raises question for me.


How did this break in the first place?  I manually check for firmware and watch app updates daily (Looking to get the HR issue fixed) and there haven't been any in a while.  There definitely hasn't been a firmware update, I reported getting ...ARG1 on the HR thread when that happened August 9th.


Can Samsung somehow change watch settings/update code via the diagnostics?


I can't answer that I'm afraid. I'm just an end user 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

The only thing I did just before it happened was update the weather app, so whether it was attached to that I don't know 

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