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Gear sport Battery draining at night


+1 -> turned off diagnostics and battery was normal during night.  Samsung needs to release a fix ASAP but thanks to you people in the group we have a workaround 


Reporting back in...I want to say that I tried the back up yesterday and last night when I went to bed my watch was at 92% at 1130pm and when I woke up this morning at 8am it is at 66%. It still took quite a bit of life but it did not die and I am able to use it today without charging it.


Deselecting 'Reporting diagnostic and usage info' on my Gear Sport fixed the battery drain issue, at least for last night.


Thank you.


Now back to getting the HR monitor to work...


Turned of 'Reporting diagnostic and usage info' and used only 11% battery since 8 this morning. So thats 8.5 hours. 

This indeed seems the fix. For now. 

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I recently have the exact same problem with my Samsung Gear Sport. For the last week, my watch was draining battery and shut down at night between 1:00 and 3:00 am (according to the sleeptracker). After reading this treat just now, I turned off the diagnostics feature. Let's see what happens...


I hope Samsung will come up with a fix soon.


You are not alone All Samsung Gear users are affected. I have a Frontier S3 and I bought my wife a classic last year both done the update both have to fight for the chargers at night see additional thread. BTW this has never been solved dispite it being flagged. - Still doubt me check the tech press - Batt Drain come on Samsung we loved your product..


Try to solution (maybe temporary) in this thread. It seems to have great success so far.....

To increase the battery life on the Gear after the update please follow the steps below ↓ •On the Gear tap on setting; •Tap on Gear info. •Tap Report diagnostic and usage info (Disable this feature) Test the watch for a few days to see how the battery works.
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I just wanted to chime in to say that I've had the same issue everyone else is reporting, and I'm in Europe (Norway), so it seems to be world wide.


Have disabled the "Report diagnostics and usage info", and will see tomorrow if it worked for me.


Cheers, and thanks for posting a solution .

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Thanks! I just disabled the diagnostic feature. Hopefully this works. Last night I took my watch off while I slept, and the battery was fine. It's definitely something that is running while it's tracking my sleep.

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