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Gear sport Battery draining at night

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  • I performed a factory reset on my watch
  • Clear cache and data of all apps related to the watch (wear,plugin,s health)
  • Uninstalled all these apps
  • Restarted my watch and install wear app
  • Manually installed "Gear S Plugin"
  • Installed s health app


Yesterday night I charged my watch to %100 at 11.30PM and went to sleep.

When I woke up at 07.00AM my charge was %95. Now It is 09.10AM here and I have %90 charge.

Problem solved for me I guess. After I made a quick research about this gear s plugin, I saw that there is a new version published at 17th of October which name is "Gear S Plugin" you can manually install this via apk. I will try this version tonight but for now my problem seems to be solved with "Gear S Plugin"


@AntS wrote:

That's definitely interesting, @MikeWaves - thanks for sharing. 


I've let my software colleagues know about this as. Along with any log files sent their way,  it'll help them better identify and fix what's happened here.


For everyone else - please keep letting us know if disabling the 'Report diagnostic and usage info' on the Gear works for you.

I tried disabling sleep tracking from the Samsung Health app on my phone. That was what did the trick for me, I did NOT disable 'report diagnostics'.
So either there are two ways to fix the bug or the bug has been fixed centrally yesterday and we're all just assosiating the fix to something we have actively done on our own devices...


Ironic response from Samsung "help" via Twitter this morning.....

'No worries, Celia. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us again if you require assistance with anything else. ^RE' 

.... when I told them how to do their job! 


@Celiawheelia wrote:

Ironic response from Samsung "help" via Twitter this morning.....

'No worries, Celia. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us again if you require assistance with anything else. ^RE' 

.... when I told them how to do their job! 


Got back similar response... I think an AI would treat customers better... 


@Dan0801 I agree 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hi all.


Some official response on this to update you with:


"Thanks for letting us know about your experience. We have identified that this has impacted some Gear S3/Gear Sport users on particular software versions. This has been resolved in an upcoming software update. Do make sure to keep your device up to date.


Troubleshooting steps

-        Reset your phone and Galaxy Wearable

-        Check your phone and Galaxy Wearable are on the latest software version

-        Check all of your apps are up to date (Galaxy Apps and Play Store)

o   Does this improve performance?

-        If performance does not improve:

o   Please submit an Error Report via Samsung Wearable app

o   Please Factory Data Reset the wearable and see if you see improvements:


To back up your Gear, using your mobile phone:


  1. From the Galaxy Wearable app, select About watch. The app may appear as Samsung Gear.
  2. Select Back up and restore.
  3. Select Backup settings.


Once you are happy that it's backed up, perform a factory data reset:


  1. From the apps screen, select Settings.
  2. Select Gear info.
  3. Select Reset Gear."


Plus, as I said above, keep letting us know if the disabling of the'Reporting diagnostic and usage info', or any other things you've tried (like in @KristinSMotz's or  @mertberkea's posts above) have had an effect in your case.


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Last night I uninstalled Samsung Wearable and Samsung Health from my phone, restarted Gear Sport, and reinstalled apps on my phone. Battery usage is back to normal. 


All - here is the response that i just received via US Customer Service via twitter:

To increase the battery life on the Gear after the update please follow the steps below ↓ •On the Gear tap on setting; •Tap on Gear info. •Tap Report diagnostic and usage info (Disable this feature) Test the watch for a few days to see how the battery works.





I have shared this on Twitter and let Samsung 'help' know about it. Although they seem uninclined to pass this on to customers 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

I put a proverbial flea in their ear about this and they were unreceptive, to say the least. 

They need to work on their customer service in my humble opinion.

Anyway @MikeWaves thank you so very much for getting this fix and disseminating the information. You saved us all a lot of headaches 


Good Morning  10/19/18    I disabled the  dianostics as  recommended as per  Mikewaves and from 4:30 AM  til now 8:44 am  I have 98% remaining ~~ ~ Amazing ~ will keep this off and see what transpires ~~  I will not be sending it to Samsung  as the  support  suggested . GOod Luck to all of you I will  keep  checking with you all . GLad you  are on Twitter  , I did not get this  advice !!  have a great day 

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