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Gear sport Battery draining at night


So I did the reset and woke up this morning with no battery completely dead. I went to bed at 9.30pm with 100% charge. Woke up at 5.30am nothing. So the factory reset didnt fo anything.


Still dont understand why it is only overnight, I managed to charge it a little yesterday morning before work, got 45% that only went down to 20% over the entire 9 hour day, I was out for.

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My Gear Sport started doing this same thing 2 nights ago. I factory reset and it seems to he working for now, but I'm afraid to update anything because I've read elsewhere that this is a software issue caused by specific app updates like the weather app. I have no idea what to do, but really hope it gets fixed. The Spotify app is garbage too. It won't allow me to play my downloaded playlists when going for a run. Have to keep uninstalling and re-download my playlists to get it to work so I gave up and bought an armband for my phone. The watch has been a big disappointment. 


I did a reboot yesterday and charged my watch before bed to 100%

Woke up at 00.30 and it was already at 60%! 2 hours 40% 🤷🏻‍♀️ Yesterday day it used less than that for 15 hours. 

Switched it on when I woke up but it was totally dead. Once it had a bit of charge I switched it on so I could see what app etc had used what.......

Screenshot_20181018-060947_Gear S Plugin.jpg



Now I'm more confused than before. I was convinced it was the app. 

Someone else mentioned the weather app, which I did update a couple of days before this started happening.

Am going to take to Twitter today

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Exact same problem here. Today it only drained 20%, laid down and within an hour it was another 20% down. Something is draining it fast, but only at certain times.


Screenshot_20181017-192816_Gear S Plugin.jpg


Screenshot_20181017-230252_Gear S Plugin.jpg


Screenshot_20181018-063653_Gear S Plugin.jpg


So yesterday I did the back up (didn't restore) and a much much better over night performance. We will see what today brings and another night cycle 

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Same for me


Same me and my brother with 2 different Gear (Febbrary 2018 and May 2018).



I have tweeted Samsung help UK. Not holding my breath. Informed them of this thread. 

Have also backed up and rebooted but not restored. 

See where we are again tomorrow 

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Happening to me since last 3 nights as well. Watch is totally useless now. My Samsung galaxy S9+ also drains around 30% battery at night all of a sudden. Not sure if this two are related. 

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