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Gear sport Battery draining at night

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Just got off chat with Samsung. They told us to send both Gear Sports in. Got the shipping labels and off they go to Samsung.
We will see what happens. I still think there is nothing wrong with the watches. I think it's a software fix they can do.

I agree, if it were one or two people then just maybe, it's hardware. 

But so so many people across, UK, US and Malaysia that I have seen are reporting this.

Mine only drains at night. Today has been 37% battery used over 15 hours. Pretry good tbh.

Am going to fully charge it so it's at 100% When I go to bed. 

See if the back up and reset have made any difference. 

Not holding my breath but watch this space. 


Another one here. Been ok for a while however I find the HR terrible over any medium intensity activity. Last few days it's been destroying the battery over night. I wore it before bed at 22:09 and it was 100% then this morning it was dead by 7am.


I'm hoping Argos will do a return and I can buy a Garmin fenix that I should have bought in the first palace.

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Mine is doing the same, whether to bed with 94% battery. Shut down shortly after waking up. Past 3 nights in a row....

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Same thing happening here. I got my watch 2 weeks ago. It has had an awesome battery life, which I have loved until 2 nights ago. Both nights it has been at a 100% at 9 pm and completely dead when I wake at 4:30 am. Sounds like this is not just an issue with my watch, which is reassuring but frustrating as I can't wear it! 


Interesting, I've just checked battery using the gear wearables app and it says that stopwatch app has used 21% of battery in last 10hrs. Not sure about the time there as it's been flat since 7am when I went to work.


Is anyone else using this app? I only installed it on Monday and since then is when I had issues.


Mine is showing 59% usage from Samsung health and I have 88% battery life remaining which it thinks is 1 day 23 hours.


I'm going to have to pull an all nighter to keep my watch on. 

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I am experiencing the exact same issue. Any ideas about how to fix it?

Carbon337 you need to read this feed re:heart rate tracking. If you can still exchange it for something else, do it! I wish I had never bought mine but I have had it too long to exchange it.
It's been about 4 months. Not sure I can exchange at shop. I'd have to see what they say. I work around it with the sporty app watch face and connect to a wahoo tickr he strap
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