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Gear sport Battery draining at night

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Mine started draining about 2 days ago. Having to charge twice a day, this is ridiculous. Come on Samsung fix this please.

@Celiawheelia wrote:

I have done a back up, reboot and restore.

Will report back tomorrow


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I think it may be glitching on the actual percentage remaining.  I have turned mine off and on a few times and when it first boots up it is reading a low percentage like in the 30s, but then a few seconds later it jumps to the 80s.  So it might need a factory reset to fix.  My problems started a couple days ago like everyone else.


My Samsung Gear sport is 8 months old and draining at night and during the day. I put it on at 4:30 a.m. and its 6:30 a.m. I was down to 68%. Samsung has done the smart tutor on it checked everything out and they want me to send it into them but I can't be without a watch because I am deaf. It is my alert system. . 


I tried to restart mine 3 times this morning to no avail. It was dodo dead. 

Will see what happens tonight after I have rebooted 

I am wondering if it is a software issue I have called repeatedly it seems like it happened since the last update they need to fix it or they going to lose some customers

I'm in this boat along with the HR boat.


Maybe this is Samsung's way to make us forget the HR monitor is unreliable since now the phone dies while we are sleeping.


Probably a coincidence but my Galaxy S8 phone started to drain of battery on Sunday and has done ever since. Goes from 100% - 10% in about 3 hours sat on my desk not being used, overnight it can go from 100% - 0% while I am asleep, this morning it was from 10:30pm to 01:52 am.


There was a pghone update on Sunday, not a big one but I think that may have started my issues. Samsung (o2) are replacing for me but though Id chip in even though its probably unrelated

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My Gear Sport battery  stared draining extremely fast 2 days ago also

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I am having the same problem. It was on 100% this morning and now less than 3 hours later it's on 75%. :-(

My husband's won't charge anymore. There is a blinking red light on the base when he tries to charge it.  


Same issue with my watch. 2 nights ago total drain. Last night 50% drain overnight. Also noticing my NOTE 8 phone is draining faster today. No issues with watch drain during the day though.

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