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Gear sport Battery draining at night

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My watch is 2 weeks old. Everything perfect except last 2 nights I get same issue. Totally drained by morning.

Makes it unwearable as I want to track sleep and see how many steps I take at work. Can't do that now if I have to charge it in the morning.


A quick Google search shows a lot of people having the same problem for the last few days.


Same here for the last 2 days. For me this also seems a software issue. This morning I completely reset the watch and will see what happens tonight. 


By the way based on Gear mobile app data the largest consumption (75%) since last fully charged was by notifications.


The real query I have around it being a software issue is that my battery is behaving normally during the day. Therefore, if it's a software issue,it must be related to sleep tracking (?) 

At night I switch my watch to 'do not disturb' and actually use very few notifications to help reduce battery loss. 

I'm very glad it's not just me. Am going to try to get some attention from Samsung via Twitter. I would suggest everyone else do the same. 


Having done a bit of digging, there is a thread on the American samsung community where loads of people are also having the same problem!! 

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It's most certainly a software issue. Mine has died for the third night in a row, after being completely fine during the day. I went to bed with a full charge last night, at about midnight, got my alarm at 6:45 and saw it power off 20 minutes later. 


I got a software update notification a few days ago, and applied it to my. Samsung should patch it soon — otherwise I can't track sleep and expect it to have enough of a charge to use it in the gym when I wake up .


I agree that it is most likely software but I havent had a software update for a few weeks so cant figure it out? 

My battery is dying during the night from 80% within 4 hours and 6 hours in the day, when it's functioning more actively, is only using about 6% 

Go figure....


What is going on! Why is both my Samsung gear sport as well as my note 9 having its Battery drained to ~20-30% . I cant seem to figure it out either 


Same here for the last 2 days.


My gear sport started doing this two nights ago. I just came back from a trip and charged my watch to 100% before going to bed. Been on a health kick so I make sure my watch is charged as much as possible. I woke up and it was at 30%. So when I got home yesterday, cause it died at work, I put it on the charger and didn't take it off until right before bed and the same thing this morning. 30%. It's saying that notifications and Samsung health are using the bulk of the battery usage. Everything else is at 1% usage. Notifications was 38%!!! And that was overnight. 

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I am having the exact same issue. All week it has been like this. Normal battery drain at day, but during the night it just sucks all life from my watch. I thought maybe it had something to do with the "do not disturb" function because that is on all night, but I turned that on during the day today to test it and the battery still drained normally. The only other thing I can think of is sleep tracking, but why would it just do this now?

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