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Gear smartphone app - annoying charging notification for gear S3

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I don't want to wear the gear all around the clock and in the bedroom.

In the evening i put the charged Gear on the table.


After ~1 hour the Gear-App on my smartphone makes a notification (with signal and vibration!!) to make me put the (full charged) gear into the charging dock (Very 'nice', if i just fell asleep :/ ).

I can't find a switch on my phone or app to deactivate these messages or make them silent.
This is really very annoying. It's MY decision when to charge it - or not.

My workaround is to power off the gear if i don't use it. But this is annoying, too.
Any other suggestions?
Gear App / Gear S Plugin
Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F  / Android 7.0
Gear S3 Classic (5DA4) SM-R770 / Tizen / Softwareversion R770XXU2CQL1

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Iv been getting charge notifications every hour since the latest software updated I contacted samsung and there reply was usless Id already reset and updated before I contacted them and thats all thay could advise. I never got these notifications before the update ... good luck sorting it out hope you get further than i did
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