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Gear s3 won't automatically reconnect to bluetooth when back in range.

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Hello wonder if you can help.


I have just purchased a Gear s3 and I have it paired and connected to my iPhone 6. The watch works perfect until I become out of Bluetooth range and thus my watch will lose connection, which is as expected. The problem comes when I’m back in Bluetooth range i.e. back with my phone the gear s3 will not automatically reconnect like other devices I have left it 30mins plus and it still won’t automatically reconnect. I have to manually keep turning Bluetooth on and off on both the watch and phone and then clicking on both the Bluetooth connections on my phone (Gear S3(DC10) & Gear S3(DC10) LE) to try and get it to reconnect eventually after going through this process multiple times it will finally connect again. Any help will be appreciated as I can’t keep doing this every time I’m away from my phone. Thanks In advance.


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Correct. I had the same issue...tried to reset my gear and also re-installed Samsung Gear app and nothing... until I decide to clear the cash for the bluethooth and now it is back...


@leogcalegari wrote:

Correct. I had the same issue...tried to reset my gear and also re-installed Samsung Gear app and nothing... until I decide to clear the cash for the bluethooth and now it is back...

Tried your fix and it worked. Thanks Bud.



For others that have no idea where to go to clear the cache and need some help (This is only for Andriod because I do not own a iPhone.) goto Settings > Apps > tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner and select "Show system apps". > Scroll down to bluetooth and tap on it > tap on force close > tap force stop on the pop up > tap storage > tap clear cache > your phone should reboot the bluetooth and connect to the watch at this point. (If it doesn't > go to the gear app and tap connect, it should be the last time you have to.)


I did this and it worked for me I tested it left my phone in the house walked out to the street (25 feet) it disconnected, I walked back in and it reconnected; in fact, I went out in the back yard about another 25 feet away and stayed outside for about twenty minutes came back in and it reconnected.


Before I did this I would constantly have to keep going to the gear app and tap on connect. 


Hope this helps.

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Hi Chris_N. :smileyhappy:


Have you tried a light reset? Settings > Connect to New Phone. Remember to back up any data before: Settings > About Gear > Backup and Restore > Backup Data (and restore from Settings > About Gear > Backup and Restore > Restore Data).


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Same here very ****** annoying

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Mine just started having the same problem after the gear software update. I gave the s3 Frontier and note 5
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I also have the same issue after gear update.....


s6 with gear s3 frontier


Yes very annoying assumed the latest gear watch and manager auto connect would resolve this, no difference and dangerous trying while driving to reconnect so I don't forget later. 


Really is making my watch Useless as I put my phone to silent when using my watch so I don't get two notification vibrates  (phone and watch), but sometimes I'll go a whole morning before realising the same watch is not even paired.


Needs an auto reconnect !!!

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Update on my original post, tried several resets\re-pairing to phone but after a few months and software updates still the same problem persits... The whole time i have had the watch it has NEVER reconnected...


Same here I did a full reset to both watch and gear also upgraded to nougat and did the same - Samsung just gave the lame please update, well dahh that does not work.

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Same problem here. Kind of pointless to wear watch when it seems to always be disconnected... unless I manually reconnect it. Annoying

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ye was ok till last update same promblem here too
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