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Gear s3 won't automatically reconnect to bluetooth when back in range.

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Same here with My IPhone , why ius Samsung not working on this?
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Since one of the recent updates within the past 2 months, my Gear S3 does the same thing - it will not reconnect to my S7 Edge when within range. I'm going half the day without realizing. This bug is unacceptable!

SAMSUNG - The point of a forum is you take part and listen, otherwise is turns into a pointless forum of issues with no solution.


Same here, worst smartwatch of many that i have had. 

Really s***t

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HELLO SAMSUNG!! Are you listening because I'm not seeing any post from you guys. After the last up date my 500$ watch also will not reconnect making the watch useless to me if I have to carry my phone around all the time. 



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same here gear s3 wont automatically reconnect via bluetooth when back in range.

phone: s7 edge

and its annoying that Samsung doesnt even answer the post like 'yeah we are working on it'

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I have the same problem with my brand new S8 and I have to connect the watch manually with monotonous regularity. The heart rate monitor is accurate, as I recently had to do a stress ECG however, its very hit and miss. I am getting sick of the number of times it says please clean the sensor. So far the biggest piece of c**p Samsung has made. The Apple Watch is far more reliable and with no connection issues and an extremely reliable heart rate sensor.

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Had also the issue... After trying various things for a long time I decided to do a complete Factory/Hard Reset of the Gear S3 (like you use it for the very first time) and it seems that the problem is now gone.

Now my Gear S3 reconnects correctly with my brand new Galaxy S8.

Note: make sure that you have  Gear backup and latest version updates on both the S8 and Gear S3.



I believe i found a solution, at least for me; install SMART BT FREE, the playstore name is AUTO BLUETOOTH FREE (on your phone) and force it to reconnect after disconnect.

For me works every time, also another problem that i use to have was lost of BT connection even if the watch and phone were always side by side, only disconects for a few seconds. I have a stock ONEPLUS 3 with 7.1.1


Can't find that app most of them just end up sucking your battery - but good if it works for you

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