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Gear s3 frontier keeps disconnecting

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I know there are some old posts about this topic but I can't see a good solution to fix this issue. Some posts maked SOLVED but there is no solution at all??? My Gear S3 frontier keeps disconneting from my Huawei P9 Plus. I tried many ways to reconnect but it kept saying unable to connect to my phone. Many posts suggesting to factory reset the watch and re-install the app on the phone which I did everytime when my watch disconnected from my phone. However the disconnection has been more and more frequent. Now it disconnects few times a day and I can't keep reseting my watch and deleting and installing the app everytime. It is very annoying! Can anyone help? Or do I go back to the store and exchange another one? It is very frustrating.

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I have just begun to experience the same issue on my S3 Frontier and my Galaxy S7 Edge. It disconnects randomly, then drains the battery within hours. Often when I try to reconnect with Wear, it just spins and spins and will not connect at all. I've reset bluetooth and I've restarted both phone and watch. Re-pairing with bluetooth helped for about 3 days and then it all started again. This must be the result of an update?? Please fix this problem. It is making the watch nearly unusable. 


I have had the same problem for about two weeks now. Watch disconnects every 30 seconds or so and I have to turn airplaine mode on so it doesn´t continiously vibrate in my arm, but having it in that mode kills the purpose of a smart watch.
Tried every trick in the webz but the problem persists and aparently is a wide spread issue going around for more than a year with different users, phone models etc so it must be crapy software, and Samsung never gives an answer.

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