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Gear iconx 2018

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Hello all. I recently bought the new samsung gear iconx 2018 after extensive research and watching multiple YouTube reviews. The Samsung gear iconx 2018 was constantly coming out on top and having a Samsung Gear Sport and a Samsung S8 it seems like a no-brainer. 200 pounds was alot of money but to have a good pair of turly wireless earphones seemed worth it.. here's where the trouble started. I constantly had trouble connecting to my Samsung Gear Sport the icon x connected to the phone perfectly it does it automatically but trying to switch between the two was such a tedious task not only this I was constantly having connection problems. I was constantly having trouble with it breaking up and flicking between the two buds as if i was getting out of rang of my bluetooth device.. this wasnt the case as it was either on my rist or pocket.. thinking that this was a faulty pair I returned them and got a new pair BUT they was exactly the same having a Samsung Gear sport and an S8 paying £200 for a pair of truly wireless earbuds I expected them to work seamlessly this wasn't the case and I checked the internet everywhere can't seem to find people who having the same trouble now obviously I should think that this is my phone or my watch but both? Doubtful this is most annoying so I had to get a refund I really want the Samsung iconx earbuds the design and the way they work is beautiful but if I'm running and it's constantly breaking up and flicking between the two buds I can't stand for that has anybody else had this trouble or know of any solution if I go to buy them again thank you. 

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Dobrý den,

zakoupil jsem sluchátka ICONX 2018. Chtěl jsem bezdratová sluchátka, která použiji k mobilu S7 nebo samostatně s gearfit 2. Při přehrávání přes BT vypadává zvuk ze sluchátek (během běhání venku). Problém je stejný při přehrávání z S7 i z gear fit2 - špatné.

Samsung zákaznická linka se tohoto problému zbavuje a odkazuje mě na servisní středisko , bohužel s konkrétním střediskem mám dlouho špatné zkušenosti. Nenajde se v něm člověk, který výrobky tohoto typu umí ovládat. 

Samsung mi není schopný říct, jak tento problém odstranit. 

jsem moc smutný, sluchátka jsou fajn, ale přehrávání přes BT není funkční




I bought the ICONX 2018 headphones. I wanted a wireless headset that I would use on my S7 mobile phone or separately with gearfit 2. When playing through BT, the sound from the headphones comes out (while running outdoors). The problem is the same when playing S7 and gear gear2 - bad.

Samsung customer line removes this problem and points to a service center, unfortunately with a particular center I have a long bad experience. There is no man who can control the products of this type.

Samsung is not able to tell me how to fix this problem.

I'm very sad, the headphones are fine, but BT playback is not working



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I am having the same issue. Is it to do with the software? Should i return it as well? Just bought it a week ago.

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hello, i think it is.. unfortunately samsung never got back to me despite me emailing a number of times.. from doing my own research it seems as this "truly wireless" tec is still all new its having issues and people seem to just be accepting it.. i couldn't do that 200 pounds is far to much for me to pay for tec with teething problems. apparently new blue tooth updates are coming that make it better as they will be able to connect to both ear buds at the same time as at the moment what it dose is connects to one and then that ear bud sends the signal over to the other bud making it work twice as hard hence the drop out issue.. as samsung have been a real pain to me about these i would say get a refund and wait for the tec to catch up which hopefully isnt far away.. 

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Thanks for the info. I know it is ready annoying to experience when you are spending that much money. I will think about it for a day and probably send it back.

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