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Gear fit 2 strap broken


Sorry to hear about yet another broken strap Yes you have to be careful about one of the straps becoming unclipped which risks losing or damaging the gear fit 2. 

I used to keep checking the retaining latch near the clip was properly pushed in to try and stop it falling out.


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I've had my Gear Fit 2 watch for barely a week -- a birthday present from my dear brother-in-law.  My strap just broke completely -- not just slipped out of the clips, but broke off the part that fits into the clips.  I've had it very little time at all, and it wasn't under any unusual strain or anything; I was just standing reading a magazine when i felt it slide on my wrist and saw that it had broken.  I'm very disappointed to hear that Samsung will not sell replacement straps.

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Since posting my last message, I have found it is actually possible to buy new straps, and they're actually not too expensive.  I also discovered that the fitting that had come off of the strap was easily glued back on.  If it fails again, I will buy a new strap.


Glad you have it sorted out  When mine broke it literally fractured apart. Glue wouldn't have helped. And here in Thailand I was able to purchase the HALF of the strap that broke for the equivalent of US$20. Not exactly cheap. 

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Hi, great that you are able to buy new straps.  Would you mind sharing the URL or way in which you were able to buy the new OEM straps?




I bought directly from Samsung in Thailand. One of my staff went to a Samsung shop in one of the malls here in Bangkok where the item was in stock. I'm not certain what the process would be in another country.


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I purchased a GearFit2 Pro in January 2018, I accidently dropped it while putting it on my wrist but I could still see the screen, then the band broke, this was within 8 months of normal usage every day.  I thought maybe I had been too rough, even though I knew I hadn't, so when it was replaced I made sure I was very very careful with the replacement, as with the previous, I cleaned the contacts on the back every time I put it on the charger, to avoid premature corrosion. I cleaned the contacts every evening before my shower, I made sure I didn't pull back the strap to a straight position, because it's clearly not designed to do that, but no, it has broken within 6 months of replacement. Surely Samsung has a plan for this issue? It's just not ok when we spend so much money on a product only to have it break so quickly and easily...


I will be posting this comment and my feelings about this on Facebook as well as other social media outlets...


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This same thing happened to my watch yesterday. Were you able to find a solution to this problem?
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Samsung support said I could send mine in for $70 diagnostic then whatever repair cost. I search for cheaper options (using resin/epoxy/model cement/etc) then found this option for super cheap!


Search Amazon or Walmart for "gear fit 2 rugged band" or "Gear Fit rugged". For under $10 USD you can get something like just detach the watch bands and pop the watch into it. 






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