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Gear fit 2 pro steps counting problem, HR problem,...

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My gear fit 2 Pro stopped counting steps.

Today I was on my morning 5km walk and when I come home I saw it stuck on 1200ish steps (it is usually 6k-7k for that route). 

I tried multiple solutions from various forums but nothing worked. Turned off Eliptical trainer and Rowing machine autodetect as advised from Samsung guy on US forum. Cleaned sensors,...etc. 

I reseted it it counted auntill 142 steps and stopped again. Restarted this time and it worked, but after that I had to charged it and it stopped again. Again started working after restart but it starts after 20 or so steps, and I have no idea how long it will count.

Also floor count is sometimes working sometimes not, HR sometimes stuck on some crazy number and unstuck after few hours.

Also sometimes it does not record sleep. 


Floor count problem I had from begining, but it is not important for me so I did not care, sleep problem started few weeks ago, happened only twice so far, but I am not confident that it will not get worse considering that I am having new problem every few days lately. HR problem is specially strange, it usualy start when I stop exercising. i.e. I am doing some exercise, my max HR go to 130-140 bpm, but then when I stop, HR monitor jump to 166 or 188 and get stuck there, no matter if I stop exercising or continue with it. 

My HR monitor is set to "Always".


If you check on the internet, there are tons of posts with same problems, and it seems it is software problem, but for some reason Samsung do not care. 


Now I basically have expensive wrist watch with stopwatch integrated. Remember Casio from 80's, it had calculator too. 

You really nailed it with this product Samsung.


Model number: SM-R365

Software ver.: R365XXU2CRC7

Region: EU


TBH judging by other posts and forums I am not expecting much of help, but, desperat times and all, so if it comes it will be more than appreciated. 


Best regards,










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Very well written! I am on my fourth gear fit 2 pro unit and none of them was bought new, all of them I bought used. First I've bought in Brazil and it worked very well but I had to sell it, then I bought one from eBay in USA and it came already with this issue, so I returned and got my money back. Third I've bought in Brazil and it worked very well, but one day I was swimming back stroke, hand hit the border and screen was cracked, swimming pool had no flags and I was dumb enough to take this risk, it worked for a while, I didn't use on swimming pool again, but first time I needed to recharge, it became too hot , I stopped charging but screen started acting weirdly, then became all black although watch was still vibrating due to phone alerts, I decided to disassembly it all and check if any water got inside, but it was well dry, so I put it aside and I'm trying to find a good screen to test on it, fourth I've bought in Brazil and it came with the sensors issue so I'm going to return it to the seller, but first I'll make a lower offer to the seller and if he accepts I'll use the screen of this defective unit to test on my good unit with cracked screen. I can't believe this watch model is surviving with this issue and more surprisingly Samsung does not release an official statement about this. At least tell straight to all customers with this issue to pay their very high repair price on their official service centers. I prefer to fix everything by myself, but this cracked screen unit and about the no sensors working issue I'll ask the official service center and see what is the price for the fix.

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