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Gear fit 2 pro - step length 10% to long.

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I've got recently Fit 2 pro...

Walking inside the shopping mall, I've notice it is adding extra ~10% to the walked distance. Peace is also efected. My peace is about 11' 40''/km but fit 2 pro is reporing 10' 15''. Is the any way to adjust this problem?

CarloL Moderator

Hey @yurek99! If you go into the "Alti-Barometer" app through the watch, when it's on the "Altimeter" screen you'll see a last refreshed status at the bottom. If that hasn't been refreshed for a while, the watch will either assume you're much lower than you currently are or much higher. Scroll over to the 3rd page in the app (past the "Barometer" page) and you should see a list of settings; click on "Change" and make sure you turn on "Auto refresh". Does it help? 

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It has to be missunderstanding.

I'm not talking about GPS, but step length to calculate walked distance.  Samsung Health is calculating it correctly (the same distance) but Fit 2 pro is adding 8-10%

Altitude has nothing to do with this. BTW: I'm only 70 m obove sea level

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