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Gear fit 2 PRO small

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Hi I'm looking to buy the new gear fit 2 pro, however require the small verison.

When you go on Samsung's website there is only an option for a large version.

I've phoned customer services & they have told me that there are no plans to release a small version, which I know is incorrect as I've seen about half a dozen reviews on it & they have the small version for pre order on Amazon. Alas, I didn't argue.

Anybody have any idea how to get my hands on the small version now? Or alternatively when it will be released?


As it is still a brand new watch I'm sure they are still manufacturing it 

But when stock gets replaced can not be predicted 

If you go on the Samsung shop site you can get it too send you a notification when it's available

I have the gear fit 2 and think it's great I would love to get my hands on the new version 

Gear Fit 2 Pro is great and in my city (Warsaw, Poland) at Samsung Brand Store there were either small and large versions, but were delievered few days ago. I believe you have to wait few days.. In Poland, Gear Fit 2 Pro was first available in retailers and after few days it appeared in Samasung store.
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