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Gear Sport screen off when I want it on

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This issue only happened internmittently for a little while, and I could always just change the feature settings back and forth once and get it to work, but since the last update, I cannot get my Gear Sport screen to stay on while I'm on the workout screen.  I use it during my workouts, so before I start, I turn off Wake-up Gesture, set the screen timeout to 5 minutes, but everytime I lower my arm the screen goes out.  Turning on the "Watch Always On" feature only keeps the watchface on, and I'm trying to keep the workout screen on.  I use this to time my exercises, it's important.  I can't stop what I'm doing to click my watch button to turn the screen back on mid swing of a kettlebell.  It has never really stayed on for a full 5 minutes, but now I can't get it to stay on for 5 seconds of exercise.  I'm refraining from using the language I want to use right now out of considerations of propriety and civility, but I am very upset by this.  I didn't spend all that money on sport smartwatch to have something dumb like this to be such an issue.  I even tried to use a digital watchface and the screen still goes out within 10 seconds.  I shouldn't have to do that, I should be able to have the workout screen stay on so I can see the time by the second, how long the whole workout has been going, and what my heart rate is.  Those are the reasons I bought this watch and now I can't use them.  This doesn't count the issues I've been having with WiFi connectivity with my S9+ or persistent audio issues I've had with my IconX headphones (which are replacements for the first defective pair).  My view of Samsung is dropping.

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"I'm refraining from using the language I want to use right now out of considerations of propriety and civility, but I am very upset by this."

I share the absolute frustration at this exact issue. Try running with this watch - no amount of "wrist twist" will keep the workout screen on so you can see how far you've actually run. Try swimming with it - even worse.

I can't believe samsung released a "sport watch" which doesn't do the absolute basic thing you need it to do - not even an option / setting!?

The FLAUNT app was an absolute blessing as it enabled you to keep the workout screen on for 30min at a time - however after the last update the app is not working anymore.

Extremely disappointed in Samsung's "worst impractical sport watch" I'm shelving my S9 and going to get a IPhone X tomorrow... I'm done with Samsung and Andriod.

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Any update regarding this issue?

The screen off while exercising is just awful.

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Samsung has made 2 updates to the look and feel of the watch, however the issue persists. I'm astounded that no-one at Samsung has not picked this up. I flashed $500 on a Garmin, and the Samsung is gathering dust and I won't be buying anything Samsung again.

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I was having the same problem, but heard about a watch app called "I am Alive". Tried it on a run this morning and It works just fine to keep the screen on. Just toggle on before the workout and off after you've finished.

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Same here. Not buying Samsung again!
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