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Gear Sport calories report 7 hours ahead

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I cannot find this issue reported anywhere else, so I figured I'd post and see if anyone could help. I use my Gear Sport watch to log calories. When I log those calories on the watch, I check the Samsung health app on my phone, and it shows the food I logged, but the time is reported 7 hours ahead. For example, if I add my breakfast on my watch at 8:30am, it would show up on the Samsung Health app on my phone as 3:30pm. This wouldn't be a big deal except everything I log past 5pm is added to the next day and it throws off my daily totals. I've already done a full reset on the watch, I've wiped and restored data on the Samsung Health phone app. Any ideas?

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Hi @ENDEISHAS. What phone do you have you watch synced with? 

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OnePlus 6T

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