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Gear Sport blank screen

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Agreed. THis watch is trash. I'm pretty much done with Samsungs garbage products. This was the last Samusng device I will ever buy. 

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Don't get too excited. Their support is trash.
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Our gear sport after rebooting then download now it's screen is sowings blank,how get it opened


I was forced to reboot everytime it happened even mid run. Which is what I bought it for, I returned it after a number of part fixes by Samsung. 



I had the same problem, and was searching for the solution for a long time...hope this helps...

WHILE YOU'RE CHARGING YOUR SAMSUNG WATCH, PRESS AND HOLD DOWN POWER BUTTON UNTIL IT POWERS ON..... This worked for me right away and solved my problem. Pls tell me if it worked for you


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Hi as I'm having the same issue, can you please elaborate how to turn off all auto deselect features in the watch? 




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Hi can you please elaborate how to deselect the auto detect in the watch?

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I am also having this problem. What should i do the repair cost is way too high.






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Don't buy Samsung watches and your problem will go away. I have determined that they make terrible wearable gear. I have owned 3 different models and they are all garbage. 

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