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Gear Sport battery last only 12 hours after update and water incident

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Gear sport battery is lasting only 12 hours. Does not matter if I choose "power save mode". It will last the same.


The water incident:  I spent one day at the swimming pool. Used the "water block mode".  The watch turned off at afternoon but still had battery left.


Came home and put in the charger. Instead of charging the watch died.  When I noticed I tried to reboot but nothing.  Then the charger red light started to blink. 


I noticed smalll particles of water inside the back of the watch. So I placed on "rice" for the night.  (rice absorb water)


Next day I was able to turn on the watch and charge. But I noticed that no sensor were working.   


Reset did nothing. Tried a few times. 


The update came in. I did it hoping that the reset/reboot/update would make sensors work again.


Another owner told he had the same problem and left the watch turned off at the charger for like 12 hours. I did and it worked. 


I noticed that when I turned on the watch , the battery level went crazy. The numbers were going up and down fast. Then it went to 100% 


Also I used the *#0*# code at the dial and tested all the sensors. 


The watch was alive again. 


But no.... the battery is draining too fast. About 10% in one hour.  Does not matter if its in normal mode or "power save mode". Last the same. 


I tried to use *#0228# to see batery status. And it seems normal. But I dont have parameters to evaluate. 


I noticed that even after it reaches 100%, I can re insert at charger and it will charge more before "green" light. 


I dont know what to do. Sending to samsumg is not an option because I got it in another country. So no warranty for me. 






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Unfortunately if water has been able to get inside the watch it can and will cause various issues.


As such issues caused by water isn't covered by the manufacturers warranty anyway.


Do you have Home Contents Insurance which may cover you for a replacement @ozp 



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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ok, but I´ve seen reports of fast battery drain after tizen update.

The issue may not be related to the water incident.

There must be a way to fix this.

Then I dial *#0228# I can see that the battery goes to a max of 4.2 volts. I dont know if it should go to 5 volts

Power save mode last the same as normal mode. This should be different even with a weak battery

Some told that a downgrade should resolve the issue.

I dont know if its good to "erase" all celular app data or try to connect with another cell phone to test it.

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I have the same issue. My gear sport started to drain the battery very fast after a swimming workout. Also, the pedometer stopped.


I reseted the watch and put it to charge for a day long. It seemed to solve the problem. My gear sports was not as good as it was before the water incident, but the battery was lasting longer.


Until a went swimming again. Same problem.


How come a watch designed to a variety of workouts, including swimming, starts malfunctioning when gets wet?!

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