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Gear Sport Not Waterproof?

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I have had my Samsung Gear Sport for 3 months now for no issue, I wear it in the shower and when swimming. The only time I take it off is to charge it. But last night I wore it into the pool, and then I went to check the time, but the watch was turned off. I didn't think much of it, and just held the power button to turn it back on. The booting screen came on, but then nothing happened. I thought maybe it was dead, so I put it on the charger overnight. That didn't help, but I noticed a small pool of water around the hr monitor. I wiped it off and put it back on the charger. Then 15 minutes later, I noticed more water in the same place. I think what happened is, water managed to get into the watch through the seems around the hr monitor. Anything I can do?

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 Update: I noticed you can see little water beads through the clear part of the hr monitor.

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Its water resistant but no water proof im.afraid so there can be the danger of water ingression which may not be covered under the manufacturing warranty.



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It surprises me a bit...

The official specs on  say



Resistant to water and dust

Wear the Gear S3 out in all kinds of weather, to all kinds of places. It's rated IP68 so it's able to withstand dust and dirt and being up to 1.5 meters or for up to 30 minutes underwater.

*Not suitable for swimming or diving.



IP68 should mean it can operate in water within some manufacturer defined limits:

Many reviews (but ok, that is the fault of the reviewers) specifically mention waterproof.

I think the key thing in the specs is (from wikipedia) "The ratings for water ingress are not cumulative beyond IPX6. A device which is compliant with IPX7, covering immersion in water, need not be compliant with IPX5 or IPX6, covering exposure to water jets.".


Up to IPX6, the test concerns water jets, IPX7 tests immersion, but this is at a lower pressure than IPX6. I'm guessing that is why they don't recommend swimming with the watch: movement of the arm may cause a greater water pressure than the one that is tested for to meet IPX7.

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I'm having the same issue here. I've had my watch for 9months now with no issues but after I wore it into the swimming pool.

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Same here. I wore it to the beach. Not necessarily swimming and the screen is black. The watch connects and disconnects from my phone so it works to some extent.  It's been about 12 hours of black screen 

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