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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


Hi Celiawheelia,


A few points:

- You can't remove Samsung health from the watch, its a built in app which is none removable.

- If you are using Samsung health to 'auto detect' activities this could cause problems. Generally if you are using a app other than samsung health to record a workout, you should switch 'auto detect activities' off. Otherwise you will get two apps trying to do the same thing at once.

- (This is the important one) When you go to record a workout with the gear tracker app, when you press the start button it goes into another screen which shows 'GPS ready' and a heart icon. Make sure your GPS is ready and the heart rate symbol is flashing red before you start the workout.

- Having heart rate in samsung health set to 'always' or 'frequent' should not effect it (from my testing anyway). Though you will notice more battery drain if it is set to always.


Hope this helps.


Currently i have recorded 6 workouts using the 'Gear tracker' app and had 100% success in getting the heart rate to record continuously.


Hi lilith14,


I don't have the heart rate monitoring set to 'always' in the samsung health app and gear tracker works fine for me.

This just shows that the gear tracker app works regardless of what continous heart rate mode you have set in the Samsung health app.


Thank you so much. I suspect the auto detect mode has messed with it. Will be switching that off. What's annoying is that you can't switch off running and healthy pace walking separately, they are lumped together. So I'll do it manually when I am going for a run, that would be a good option to have really, if anyone from Samsung is listening 🤨 

Anyway, Ricky thanks so much for all your advice. 




Any update on this mods?


I have had the same issues and have replied several times in a community thread:


I am using the US Gear Sport model SM-R600

Phone is a Verizon Galaxy S8 model SM-G950U

Sport is Tzien

Software version R600XXU1ARE2

Gear App is and reports it's the latest version.


I have tried always on HR without reliable success getting heart rate data.  Please let me know if I can provide any more information that may help get the issue resolved.


Thank you.


Thanks for your response ned7077.


It's good to get someone from the US reporting the same problem as well. This just shows that the problem is not limited to one region / software version. I did mention a few posts back that the US was experiencing the same problem and was kind of hoping one of you would come accross and post here.


Here in this thread we are still awaiting a response from the developers.


Can the mods chase the developers please? We have multiple reports of this problem from various users, with different hardware in different regions. That thread in the US has over 70 replies and over 3400 views!


In addition, users are having to purchase 3rd party apps just to record their workout and get a continouous heart rate reading.


Apologies to all the users that keep getting these thread updates from myself.

I just really want Samsung to step up and sort the problem.


The thread I have been keeping up with in the US has 0 moderator or developer response.  At least here you have had some interaction with a moderator.


I'd like to add my watch to the list that has had problems getting accurate HR readings. I bought a Gear Sport about 5 weeks ago and had problems as soon as I started trying to exercise with it. I read in these forums of the many users with similar problems so I called Samsung. They said to return it at Best Buy, which I did (thank you Best Buy!), but the 2nd watch had the same problem. So I called again and Samsung agreed to check it under warranty. I have not received it back yet, but their email said that they replaced a component in the watch. I'll respond again with model and software version info.

The problem I've been having was somewhat different than that described by others here. I kept track of the HR readings when I put it into an exercise mode. I noticed that often it would read an erroneously high HR reading. Whenever I noticed a higher than expected reading, I took some action to verify. Initially, taking the watch off, then putting it back on would reduce the HR reading to a more correct value. Finally, I found the simplest method was to switch to the main menu and select the SHealth app. The watch screen would switch to the currently running exercise mode, then I could watch the displayed HR reading decrease to a realistic value within about 20 seconds. i reproduced this behavior many times, with both of my 1st two watches. This behavior is consistent with the premise that a problem exists with the SHealth watch app. Maybe, reselecting the SHealth app during exercise resets the HR reading algorithm. Each time I got a more realistic HR reading for about 20 minutes, then the problem would reappear and I'd reselect the SHealth app.

I will be curious what the serviced watch behaves like. I am pleased to learn that other apps such as Gear Tracker can work better. I may also consider using the watch to interface to a chest HR monitor, or an armband HR monitor.


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