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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising


"Will samsung replace my watch as its under guarantee?"

Yes, they will replace it with another watch with the same *hardware* issue. 

Stop wasting your time and get a product that works. I have: my Fitbit Versa works as advertised, especially HR monitoring. It doesn't *miss a beat!*.


Get a refund and don't look back. I haven't.


Yes, samsung will do a refund if less than 30days old or a replacement for anything older than 30days. Both of my watches work a treat. Screenshot attached:

Screenshot_20190731-062209_Samsung Health.jpg


Same here works smooth every time after one ui update.

Try wearing higher on the arm and pretty tight

The problem is the hardware, very very weak

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Thanks very much for info, I use mine for cycling as well.

The watch is about 8 weeks old so It will probably be replaced, hopefully I will get a good replacement!

Similar issue here with Galaxy fit.
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It seems I may have fixed my Gear S3 flatlines by removing the Samsung health widget with hr reading, burnt calories, steps and floors. (It has recorded last 2 walks correctly) I suspected they messed up something with widgets as the weather widget was blocking other apps from acquiring location. Tomorrow will probably verify if my issue is really fixed cuz I havent got a full reading from cycling to work before, always flat lines.

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I hope u have a fix but I would not hold your breath lol as I tried disabling those in Samsung health but still got the flatline! Please let me know how you get on.
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I got hr graph in negative after running and sync like this but while running can show hr rate on watch. what should I do


ps. gear sport and S health on iPhoneX ios 12.1.4




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