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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising

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It's just a gimmick has never really worked for me since day one. My wife has an apple iwatch which is far superior and she has never had a single day where it has not worked. We have swapped watches and hers reads my heart rate immediately but the s3 often doesn't read hers either.


My Galacy watch is doing the exact same. I feel really let down by this. Does it look like there will be a solution any time soon?


I was the origional poster for this thread. I found that the gear s3 and sport had this issue. I luckily was within the 30day return period so returned both even after repairs and replacements and so on. Since then i have had the galaxy watch which has been perfect and all the issues with HR stopping and flat lineing have gone, ive had it since its release date. I have also got the galaxy watch active and that seems to be even more accuarte. Im pretty sure its to do with vibrations in the wrist when on the road cycling and the size of the watch. I think its a bit to big which means it cant grip tight enougth and so when going over bumps in the road (country lanes) it moves slightly. With the galaxy active, the small screen sits firmly on the wrist in the centre and doesnt move at all. I dont get any warnings from the watch saying (try moving it up a bit). Just a suggestion of something to try. Just remember - if youve had it less than 30days, you can return. Both the galaxy watch and galaxy active have been perfect for me unlike the gear S3 and gear sport.

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That's good news.  I've had the s3 for +-2 years now and had issues since day one.  I have been looking at upgrading and like all the other functionality of the s3 but was worried about sticking with samsung.  I think I might just give the galaxy watch ago then.  Cheers.

Please be very carefull with such statements. According to the German forum, the Galaxy watch has exactly the same issues also proven with screenshots and so on.
And you would be making a huge mistake. Have a look at the Galaxy Watch thread and shocking stories about its fitness tracking not working.

It never worked and it never will. Do not buy another failed Samsung fitness product.
If you need a fitness tracking device, get a Fitbit or a Garmin. Their products work as advertised.

Im not saying that some people dont have issues with the new watches, the evidence is clear from this forum, i can only speak from my own experience and therefore can make the statements because i own both the galaxy watch from release and the galaxy watch active, also from release and both no longer have the issues that i had with both the gear s3 and gear sport. Purchase at your own risk of course but like i said, on the saumsung site you have 30days to return just as i did with the gear s3 and gear sport- no quibble. 

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I had few workouts it was working fine. The last few workouts are really bad. I had flatline for the entire workout time. The HR seems to show fine as soon as i end the workout. Please fix it Samsung. Even my previous cheap $60 fitness tracker was much better than this. Its more than a year people are complaining about it.

A lot of people here have given up hope that Samsung would ever fix this *hardware* issue. I've returned my expensive Galaxy Watch 4G and bought a *cheap* Fitbit Charge 3, a *fitness* tracker. It hasn't missed a beat! Even in intense exercise (Les Mills Bodypump), Heart Rate monitoring works well.
Lesson learned from my unpleasant experience with Samsung Watch: if you need a specific function/s, do not buy a product from Samsung but from a company that specialises in it. In this case, it's Fitbit or Garmin.

Over a year later, and still doesn't look like there's any fix for this. I'm on my second gear s3, and I cannot get support to do anything but tell me to factory reset the watch, ad nauseum, or send it back for a 3rd watch. From the continued reports, all over the internet, of this issue happening on both the gear s3, and now the galaxy, it seems like Samsung is refusing to acknowledge the issue is as prevalent as it is. That a watch marketed for fitness tracking can't do the most basic function for which it was designed, for several years, is mind boggling. If I don't hear anything soon, I will be returning the watch and going with a different brand. This situation has completely destroyed my faith in the Samsun brand and I won't be buying any other products from them.

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