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Gear Sport Not Tracking Heart Rate When Exercising

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Sorry.. tizen 4.0.. the new operating system upgrade. Had to VPN to USA to get the upgrade as it is not available in Europe
Sure it is available in Europe! At least for my Gear Sport in Germany. But I had to search manually for it. I did the upgrade to Tizen4 in monday - but the HR issue remains
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For me it surprisingly work (without T4 update - here in Belgium it is not yet available) but I have to compare measurements with some more accurate and dedicated device like blood pressure device. However I'm afraid that it can be decent in still mode, but once there is some dynamic movement then accurracy can be lost. 


For you who has a problems: try to use 'always' option for HR tracking options, it will drain more battery but for me it is reporting seems to proper,but I used only walking mode so far


I have to check also other thing as during sleep it showed me even pulse rate 41 bpm last night...


Unfortunately, that's already been tested and it doesn't work, unless you play chess 🙂

The moment you do some *real* exercise, HR monitoring stops working. I've tried all apps including Built-in one, Underarmor and HR Monitor. None of them work: they never will as the fault is with either hardware, software or both. Samsung knows it yet they keep silent.

A new Galaxy Sport watch is about to be released. I bet it'll have the same issues as the previous two generations. BTW, HR monitoring *never worked* properly on Samsung Galaxy Watch (4G).

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Or boarding games, excluding monopoly yeah I think based on comments here once I will test it during running my dreams will be destroyed
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Ok I tested it finally few days on different devices. 

Screenshot_20190127-093924_Samsung Health.jpg




Seems that watch shows less calories burned. Maybe because on treadmill I was using different levels of elevation and watch cannot handle that difference Default elevationone was 1.0 with speed 12km/h but I changed it 2 times to values 2.0 and 7.5km/h just to have some rest for couple minutes. Heart rate was one time 199bpm...

Weird in general 

On stationary bike it was quite accurate comparing with real device.


So maybe indeed there is something fishy with this dynamic movements and watch worked in these conditions 

That matches my experience with HR monitoring. Extensive periods without any reading. It's been 5 months since the watch was released and HR monitoring is still broken!
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:/ if at least that watch could read properly signal from pulsometer belt on chest instead of wrist, but then it would brake the main idea to have smart watch and HR monitoring on the I will not get big improvement with this T4 update??
Well, my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G runs Tizen and HR is completely broken and useless.
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There are not only HR problems, also it cannot handle properly elevation measurements. I can walk up and down on stairs and from total 20 floors it will show me 7-8 or maybe definition of floor is kind of specific for it...

On stationary bike excercise it is showing more calories than in the to trust in that watch then...


Last night it measured my heart rate constantly on level 98 - 105bpm where my normal hr is in range 45-50bpm. This morning I checked and it was 105bpm , on the S8 I checked with my finger and my hr was 67bpm. I had to restart watch then it did not work. I had to force it by manual measurement...


Btw does your watch properly handling auto hr settings? If I have it on frequent then it does not measure my hr every 10 min, but I noticed if you will start make workout then none of HR will be automatically recorded for whole exercising time..



It is really only me frustrated with this ^&*/*# watch???



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